There are few things I dislike more than a business that advertises their product or service and fails to tell you their price!  I'm not afraid to publish my rates - just remember that these are flexible based on your indivdual needs. 

Hidden Gem Recording Studio sets standard base rates for services, but rates can vary by project, number of hours, number of tracks, and other factors.  My base rate includes an engineer, access to the recording spaces and use of all equipment and instruments in the studio inventory, in addition to dealing with whatever gear you choose to bring along. 


  • Tracking - $25/hr
  • Mixing - $45/hr
  • Mastering - $30/song (song length under 5 minutes)

Often these services can be combined.  Many clients want additional help with getting the right sound or programming software synths and plugins, so I also offer Producing, CD duplication, podcast and audio show editing, and other services - just ask!

No, I'm not the cheapest.  Do you really want the cheapest studio doing your songs?  I aim for musicality and quality that fits your style.  The space sounds fantastic and has a very musical quality, and is very comfortable and relaxed.  Yes, I produce excellent results and aim to make you 100% satisfied with my services and results. I will provide all tracks and files in native DAW format (with WAV files) on a CD/DVD/USB drive when your project is finished.  If you pay for mastering services and want a master CD, I will burn a standard Redbook audio CD complete with all necessary data ready for duplication.  Other formats available on request (such as WAV, MP3, AAC, etc.).  I can also upload your tunes to popular music sites if you have your account info available, or we can use a publishing platform to get your tunes out to many retailers and music sites.  Standard hourly rates apply.

And don't even bother to suggest that I work for free or for the exposure!  While I do this for the love of music and the recording process, I have invested a great deal of time and money and am interested in continuing to pay the bills that go along with running this place so I can keep recording and improving. 

All fees must be paid in full before any data and results will be released.


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